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    1. Partnerships and Community

      Gilead is dedicated to developing innovative medicines for life-threatening diseases, but we recognize that science alone will not solve every problem.

      We dedicate time, resources, and passion to manage programs, collaborate with leading organizations, and spearhead initiatives to provide education, prevention, care, and social and financial support for those who need it most. 

      Gilead COMPASS Initiative

      Fighting HIV/AIDS in the Southern U.S. – COMPASS

      The Gilead COMPASS (COMmitment to Partnership in Addressing HIV/AIDS in Southern States) Initiative is our $100 million, 10-year commitment to help address HIV/AIDS in the South – home to about 44 percent of people living with AIDS in the U.S.

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      Meeting the Needs of People Living and Aging with HIV

      The Gilead HIV Age Positively initiative finds ways to improve care, provide education, and inform policy for the growing number of individuals who are living and aging with HIV.

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      age positively partnerships in community

      Gilead Lift

      Lift - Partnerships to Advance Education and Improve Cancer Care

      Cell therapy builds upon decades of progress in immunotherapies by modifying a patient’s own immune cells to target cancer cells. As this emerging technology advances, our approach to improving education and awareness must evolve as well.

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